Up the hill Jackie - Erin Ryan and Áine Ryan in Up the hill Jakie by  Tomek Bogut.JPG

The story of two Irish sisters visiting London for youngest sister Jackie's abortion. When the girls are forced to leave their hotel room, plans for the weekend, and life, starts to unravel. 

Jackie gets pregnant, and tells oldest sister Rita that the father is Mick, a man they have lived with since the death of their mother. Rita feels sixteen year old Jackie is far too immature to have this child. Jackie is madly in love with Mick, though, and thinks that having his child will be the best way to sustain a relationship with him. 

All set in London on the weekend of the abortion appointment, the girl's plan goes completely pear shaped when they are forced to leave their hotel room and are left stranded on the streets of Central London without money. Rita thinks they are saved when they get invited to a nightclub by some businessmen but that leads to further trouble. Rita sends Jackie to the clinic alone, and hacks a plan to get money from her new friends at the club. However when Rita arrives at the clinic later that afternoon to meet Jackie, a new surprise awaits her, and the evening starts spiralling out of both sister's control...


  • The Source Arts Centre, Co. Tipperary, January 14 2017             
  • The Source Arts Centre, Co. Tipperary, March 3 2017  
  • Central Arts, Waterford, March 22,23 2017
  • Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2/3 and August 13-28 2017


'a fresh exploration into the ways in which women are denied choice over their own bodies...Ryan writes with bold, commanding talent...a gem of a play. ★★★★ ' (A Younger Theatre)